Why small businesses need a website

This one is for small business owners who are still unsure about investing in a modern website.

There are a slew of reasons why any company, regardless of industry, should have a website. Your customers, for starters, are online. Every day, (at least) 3.5 billion Google searches are done, according to Internet Live Stats.

>> Consumers rely on the internet to find local businesses in 86% of cases.
>> Consumers seek for local businesses at least once every seven days, according to 29% of them.
>> Consumers believe search is their first choice for finding information on local businesses, with 72 percent saying it is their first pick.

Even if your company is entirely local, investing in a website (along with local SEO) is highly worth it.

Having a small company website is about more than simply selling your products and services; it’s also about giving potential customers something of value.

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